Friday, 20 December 2013

New Wonder Diet

So in just 20 days I have lost 7 pounds (3.2 kg) and I haven't even been trying! No, it is no new wonder diet just a combination of a 100 mile run and then a week later picking up my daughter from university with a horrific chest and throat infection then catching it myself!

As of last Tuesday I have been laid low with a nasty bug that saw the glands in my neck come up and a high temperature. I managed to get to the doctor's yesterday and he prescribed me strong antibiotics, I reckon in the past 4 days I have taken more pain killers to reduce the fever and swelling than I feel comfortable with but it has at least got me over the worse. 

The unfortunate thing was that my daughter came home with her infection very close to after I finished an ultra when my immune system was compromised and I have felt its full force but that cannot be helped as she certainly needed to be with her Mum if she felt like I have over the past few days.

So back to the wonder diet, as I was not able to swallow solids taking only  fluids my weight has plummeted in the past few days but would not recommend the way I have accomplished it, one long run and a chest infection!


  1. Sorry for the health problem, I hope you recover very soon. You are right about the compromised immune system, after strong efforts I get ulcers on my tongue and that is annoying.

  2. Hope you are feeling a lot better already. Studies show that 68% of Comrades Marathon (89km) finishers get flu or some form of cold and chest infections afterwards.