Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pee like a pint of London Pride

I hear some of my Dear International Readers probably scratching their heads now as to what London Pride is, let's say that a well prepared barrel of Pride will be emptied very quickly, a fine ale.

Let us concentrate on the colour of London Pride though and it will assist in the reason for my post.

Cast you mind back to the Winter 100 race at the beginning of the month where I mention that I was dehydrated in certain sections of the race mainly around the 50-75 mile mark, look at the chart on the left and you will see a pee chart, I do try and concentrate on the 1-3 levels but it really depends on the weather, conditions and distance. Whilst worried about my hydration levels I noted that I never went above 5, drinking often but drinking more at aid stations...I was coping.

So lets move forward, the race completed and my pee is fine and even on my return home I was still drinking, the colour of my pee within 1-3.

However, I awoke at 7.44am the next day, bladder bursting, so went for a morning pee and was totally shocked  when I saw the colour to be a number 7 or best described as London Pride and smelled revolting. I went downstairs, had a cup of coffee and a glass of juice, 20 minutes later my pee back to 1-3!

Question is why or what was in my "over night" urine that caused it to be this colour.

Note: I do not use NAIDS medication before, during or after a long run like this


  1. Starting with the preparatory caveat that I don't really have a scooby what I am talking about, I would say that hydration isn't the only thing that has an impact on urine colour. For example, if you are well hydrated and then drink a pint of water with an effervescent multivitamin tablet disolved in it then afterwards it is likely that your urine would become darker. I presume this is because some of the vitamins are not absorbed and need to leave the body somehow. So, if factors other than hydration can have an impact, then maybe it was one of these other factors after the Winter 100; maybe your body was getting rid of unwanted / unneeded nutrients.

  2. Yes, Vitamin B in supplements have that effect. Beetroot juice is even better, if you like bright pink pee, that is.

    Also, I would not use coffee for hydration purposes because it has a diuretic effect. Just stick to plain and simple water.

  3. Haha, I like this! :) I've had quite a number of colours over the years. Certain vitamins can cause very interesting colours. As long as it returns to normal soon enough all is fine. I must admit I love coffee as hydration drink...