Sunday, 15 December 2013

Short but successful

Today was about getting out on the trail to test my ankle and knee so mileage or speed were not the issue. By coincidence, I was contacted by Liz who needed to get out and return to running after a small break... a run was organised.

Due to a hold up at home that morning I chose not to run to our normal meeting point choosing to drive parking up and wait at the corner. Like clockwork, Liz appeared at 8.59am and reached me on the dot such that I moved to her side and we took the first turning.

From that point forward there was non-stop chatter with us catching up with the past 8 weeks worth of news, running rubbish and our achievements that year, Liz has done some amazing stuff and it is only after she recited her victories I was in awe, well done you Liz.

We did an extended, "set piece" 5 mile run with Liz getting some extra miles after we returned to my car. Today's run was wonderful, effortless and casual with no pressure a lovely time to reflect on stuff in the past year.

After my run I iced my ankle and knee very pleased to decide that the rest of the year is hobby running with a cheeky long run this weekend (but don't tell the Delightful Mrs S)

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