Thursday, 12 December 2013

Would you like ice with that Monkey?

I have been able to wear day shoes and walk about 3 miles for a few days now but still have a little stiffness in my ankle after the Winter 100 race two weeks ago, so recovery is looking good at the moment.

Tonight I had a plan to go to the track with the idea of doing a few laps but thought better of it knowing that I do have a habit of returning from injury too quickly. I still wanted to go so donned a pair of trackies and my trusty old Monkey Feet but my top half in a t shirt, fleece and windproof jacket. Turning up the track I noted that the numbers had dwindled of late down to just four runners, so walked across to see what they were up to after a quick catch up I went through a few drills, gentle 100 metres, knee steps, side steps then "ran" 100 metres backward.

One of the runners pulled off as a prevention from causing an injury so I ran a cool down lap with him. I am very pleased to comment that the ankle feels fine but as I sit here writing my blog noticed a little pull on the top of my foot so have it wrapped in an ice bag and raised up to get any swelling down. Things are looking good for an early return.


  1. And did you find your mojo ;-) I think you did

  2. Indeed a post-100 km race needs a little bit of attention before coming to the normal running routine.
    Glad that the things are looking good for an early return.