Friday, 17 January 2014

Ghost Runner

At the track tonight I decided that I would run:
Quality, not quantity
Heart Rate, not pace
Bare foot, not shoes.

Having dumped the Monkey Feet after a few miles I ran the last mile or so in bare feet. The rain fell around me, the wind blew and I ran alone as speedsters paced past me as I enjoyed my run around the track. As I ran I put my camera on Sports Mode which takes a multitude of frames with the shutter depressed with the lens pointing to my feet, one frame produced the image above.

This skeletal image seems to show both my feet fixed together  in time but in fact in tandem. My feet screaming in pain from the rain, the wind and the grit from a wintery, unswept track such that I stopped to put on my Monkey Feet but by now my feet were numb and I was unable to feel my toes so I ran off  abandoning them.

The Speedsters looked pained, I elated as we walked to the cars wincing as I stepped over the gravel path,my Monkey Feet dangling from my grip. Loved it

1 comment:

  1. Lol, wow Jerry! Loved it? numb feet, wet, cold winter! Yet love it?!

    Runners, perculiar breed :-) Ultra running monkey feet wearing barefeet runners, a breed unto their own :-) keep on running Jez