Sunday, 5 January 2014

GUCR Dog House....AGAIN

Imagine the scene, the Delightful Mrs S and I curled up on our respective favourite seats on a late Sunday evening, I watching a film and she reading the Ipad. All is good and all is tranquil ,when ever so often there would be the soft trill sound of an email notification on the Ipad and Mrs S would inhale and exhale loudly!

The evening went on until she looked up from the Ipad and asked "Are you planning any of those long races this year Jerry?"

I replied or rather blurted out, "Yes, I have been accepted on the GUCR again which is exciting isn't it?" (notice my attempt to try and soften the blow and make it positive)

Shall I just say she was very calm about it but at the same time but rather blunt:

"I can not believe you are doing it again, you were really strange after that run in December, weird for days after, almost poisoned, NO, no, no you are not doing it"

I assured her that I was supported this year and will be fine and guaranteed a finish. She then walked off mumbling about my sanity.

So the question is how did she become suspicious, that is, apart from me wearing my various GUCR t-shirts on an almost daily basis, leaving maps out and mentioning it ever so often (often ignored as it is to do with running)?

So looking at my emails I saw two emails entitled:
Winter Tanners 2014

Dear Jeremy,

I shall look forward to seeing you on the Winter Tanners next Sunday, 12th January at Leatherhead.  We walked out the short route yesterday, it’s a fine route though it was muddy and slippy (there were some trees down but no paths blocked).  I’m sure that you will have a great day (hope there is no more flooding!)

and then:

Liverpool to Leeds Race

Dear Runner

Please find attached the very long winded Terms and Conditions, and an Entry Form, for the first Liverpool to Leeds 130 mile Race
The Delightful Mrs S had seen the titles as they popped up on the Ipad screen and had put two and two together that plans were afoot, damn her Running RADAR is good and obviously been upgraded recently.


  1. Hahahaha, You've been found out then. Told you to tell her about the Spine. My wifes still walking round muttering "Bloody hell" all the time

  2. Busted! I have similar plans but they have not been revealed yet... :)