Sunday, 26 January 2014

Muddy Monkey Feet and Cake

Yet again I was refused entry to the house on my return to the house on Saturday morning and quite rightly too what with my legs covered from ankle to groin in mud, the resemblance of my Monkey Feet caked in horse muck and mud.

Let me take you to 3 hours earlier in the day when, as planned, I met David and Michael for a 10-12 mile run which would end in a very quintessentially English pastime of eating cake and drinking tea.

The weather was cool and I had chosen to wear my lightweight smock, shorts and Monkey Feet, the other two seemed a little more sensible with hats, gloves and leggings but I wanted to be as minimalist as possible.

Running off, I had a route in my head that we could follow but as there was only 3 of us we could change it at will but the first leg was for an hour as we promised to return in case other runners wanted a shorter run and we could meet up. 

The recent storms and rain has flooded the Downs in sections and this area was just as bad with mud covered chalk was now a quagmire making going tough found even harder in my Monkey Feet which whilst giving me the ability to "feel" my way through the trails I was later seen sprawling on the ground after my legs went from out under me to stand with a big grin on my face.

It was a joy to run with Dave and Michael, the former I had not seen for a long time and Michael because he had been out of running for a good few months and was looking great with his new found fitness

So the run continued, David's exceptional local knowledge kept us entertained, new news from each of us kept the miles coming and going however the Monkey Feet were losing grip on the hillier sections on the mud with them slipping back an inch or two on each step making my run just that little tougher but great training nonetheless.

On our return we discover Rupert from our club has come along for some cake, tea and chat in the cake shop. Tea, coffee and various cakes guzzled we leave promising that this has to be done again....very soon.

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  1. That's a lot of mud but just as much fun...for the runner... Have a good week!