Saturday, 4 January 2014

Silage, Mud, Water and Cake

In Shit Stream Avenue
Looking out of the window just after I leapt out of bed I could see my morning run with Liz was going to be a very wet and windy one. Promising that I would meet her at 8.00 am I got in the car to arrive at our meeting point, as I turned the corner I saw a wet (and possibly forlorn) figure sheltering under a tree to fend off at least some of the rain and wind, by the looks of it, it wasn't working. Waving out of the car window I saw her run up behind to meet me at my parking space, we ran immediately as we could talk run tactics as we went. Liz had instructed me to run "Tops 8" meaning no more than 8 miles (13km) which got me in a quandary as I planning to investigate a new path, much to my joy when mentioning this there was a momentary silence from Liz...

The weather was very wet and surface water evident throughout the run and when we reached the turn off for the new path we first found ourselves on a golf course and with me visualising the map with only one discernible path point towards a tree line and following it we found the main path with a few footprints and then a way sign in a direction I was happy with. I was aware Liz was getting nervous as I ummed and arred  with a short break to point out the road I was aiming for in the distance, still unsure she chose to follow partly due to morbid fascination methinks. 

Then it came, the puddle! This puddle stretched across the width of the lane and for about 200 metres into the distance which we obviously jumped straight into and started to run . It immediately came apparent that the water was a transparent orange/brown and there was a deep aroma around us; as we approached the end of the lane we then realised exactly why it was this colour and smell for at the end was an ENORMOUS pile of horse manure and silage, we were running through the wash off from the recent rains!

As it was a new discovery Liz was given the honour of naming the lane and without hesitation named Shit Stream Avenue, I couldn't agree more.

Great run, really enjoyable as I find my calf muscles loosening and the joy of running slowly returning. After, it was back Liz's house for coffee and a glorious piece of home made Christmas cake..yum.

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