Friday, 3 January 2014

Stop, Look, Listen...

beware of Monkey Feet!

My reported run with my running pal, Duncan, on 30th December told us of a wonderful run in pastures new but the darker side proved that a 10 mile (16km) run was probably not the best idea after a month's break and so soon after a 100 mile run. For the past 3 days my calf muscles have been tight and a bit painful such that I withdrew from the New Years Day run with my club.

However, today I was determined to run and decided to go to the track primarily to test my fitness and to do some remedial work on my calf muscles. So bedecked in my ugly compression socks and my Merrell Ascend Gloves I pushed out a few laps whilst watching the race bunnies do their stuff happy that I was plodding my laps and also that I ran the warm up lap at a (supposedly) 3.17 marathon pace...

Back to reality, at every 4 laps I stopped and stretched out my quads and calves and then ran off for more. The legs feel better but the 2 hour run with Rob, the Lanky Bin Man, on Friday will tell me if I am up to scratch, this time I will not be in Monkey Feet until my legs are ready.

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