Monday, 20 January 2014

Swell run

Saturday's run saw two old training partners meet up after a long spell away from each other to go for one of our more unusual runs.

George and I spoke on Friday evening and the basic plan was that I would pick him up at 6.30am and we would run the Darent Valley Path along the River Darent from Shoreham. This all sounded fine on paper but as we started our run, I in a headtorch as the sun was not quite up yet we soon came to the old ford (pictured above) which is normally about 40 cm deep but today it was lapping at the sandbagged doors of the neighbouring houses and was no longer a stream but a raging river and stepping through the outer limits of the water we soon found that river had completely burst its banks and the path blocked. Unperturbed we decided to go the long way round to bypass the blocked path to be met by another deep puddle to the bridge, we splashed our way through with the water just below our knees knowing that the bank raised higher just a few 100 metres along the way.

This continued for the next 8 miles with us running around flooded fields, joining the road and running parallel to the river path as best we could and then dropped down to see if we could rejoin it but were laughed at by local dog walkers when they saw us attempt to go across a park advising us the water was just a little too high, we erred on caution taking the road until we hit 8 miles to return the same way.

A great run was had by the two of us as we plodded the muddy paths catching up on missed news, the conditions a little tougher than we were expecting giving it the feeling of a 20 mile run...a great confidence builder.

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  1. Good run and always nice to experience something different.