Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Winter Tanners 2014...get the flippers

Looking at the social media pages discussing the Winter Tanners this weekend talk of 12 flood warnings in and around the area and no doubt on the course.

The Tanners is always billed as a tough event organised by the LDWA as a challenge when runners are invited to participate. Last year was the only time in the history of the event that it was cancelled due to the heavy snow and very cold temperatures which I ran with two others self supported but this year it is the wet including ground water, mud and fallen trees from the recent storms.

The route description says 30.5 miles (49 km) I just know it is going to be more but I know I will love every minutes, Tanners never disappoints.

1 comment:

  1. More difficult more fun. I grew up in a rugby field and there it was a shame to say the word "difficult". I see you have the same spirit. Good luck.