Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Cartload of Monkeys v A Cete of Badgers

As I walked into the office this morning, coffee in hand bedecked in running kit I was met by:

"What the heck have you done to your ear Jerry?"

Having taken the lift to my floor I saw in the mirror that there was a smear of blood on my jacket and dried blood on my ear and neck. My reply was:

"It is OK, I was attacked by an Urban Badger!" 

Let's go back 3 hours Dear Reader, I was not too pleased to the fact that I had to attend work on Sunday morning to assist in an upgrade, not the work, just the fact it was Sunday and my running day. Such was that I decided to combine my run with the commute to the office taking an extended route via Greenwich, London Bridge and Brixton, work and then take the train home, a princely 18 miles (29 km).

The planned route would take through a local wood which I soon discovered was flooded in sections so I took a detour through the undergrowth and then out onto a grassy meadow, my Monkey Feet having a hard time keeping me upright but I was soon out on the road for the next 16 miles. The weather today was perfect for running, cool, the sun was out but the wind on the exposed river was tough but the constant dipping between residential and office buildings created shelter. It was such a nice day that I was somewhat surprised to find that I had churned out the miles in such a solid way even if I had stumbled on cracked pavements and stubbed my toe on concrete blocks, I was in fine fettle when I popped into the coffee shop with the barista pointing to the blood on my jacket and I told her it must have been a badger and so the white lie remained until my entrance to the office now embellished to include "Urban" Badger!

As I left the office a colleague approached me and said "How many badgers was it Jerry, it must have been a lot with a cut like that?"

Between you and me Dear Reader, it must have been caused by a thorn when I ran around the flooded woods earlier on in the run which caused a 4mm cut on my earlobe!

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  1. Another war wound..... but nothing can stop a runner!