Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Getting there

My trusty Monkey Feet lie in the utility room cake in rock hard mud, useless until they get cleaned off so it was the turn of their stable mate my Merrells.

Tonight was club night and was happily dispatched from the house by the Delightful Mrs S who wanted some pamper time of her own with very clear instructions to collect my daughter from her work place, gone was my planned 12 mile run.

The run tonight was not much to report but I was very aware that secretly my fitness is slowly getting back when I found myself striding up a long incline, my pace unchanged from the previous flat section and outstripped the pack who were slowly dropping back one by one. Between you and me Dear Reader, it was a good feeling ;-)

Equally, the final mile was a friendly tussle with a faster pace to finish up a nice training run.

As for the picture above, a preventative measure of a bag of ice and a bandanna to help with an Achilles niggle. 


  1. I'm also feeling my fitness slowly coming back. It does feel good. Keep it going!

  2. Glad that your fitness is getting back. I have problem with my knee again ..... but I swim. Are you ready for a week end of rugby?