Saturday, 8 February 2014

Going around the bend

Thursday night as usual is track and I had all the intentions of running to the track, that is until on running past Rob's house I spied him through the window bedecked in running kit so like a big softy knocked on his door for a lift, after all my lower back was a little sore.

On my warm up lap I swore under my breath when I recalled the message on Facebook:

"Spoken to Ken at Norman park. Track is fine for training on."

 Speaking to Ken after the first 400 metres he admitted "Well, 370 metres is fine!" which was true, the driving rain and wind has flooded a 30 metre section at the 170 metre section of the out going curve.

I was really enjoying myself, my Monkey Feet and Injini socks working well in the rain and wind as I chatted and laughed with Paul but have been very mindful of my aching quads of late.

End the end of a very wet and windy run I mentioned this to my good running pal Mike that this was the case and he patted me gently on the small of my back and said "Yes and a bit of Lordosis as well I see" Jeez this bloke is good as recently people had mentioned my beer gut or that I appeared to be putting on weight even though I had lost some. Looking this up it appears I have all the symptoms with a very pronounced curve in my lower back, so it is exercise and stretching for me for a little while.

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