Sunday, 23 February 2014

GUCR Race Planning

After a nasty trip on my 18 mile road run from London yesterday evening I have taken the opportunity to rest today but slightly irritated as I was planning to do a back to back.

Allowing no opportunity to be wasted I have spent some time this evening getting my GUCR race plan together along with post codes of check points, alternative stopping points along the way and predicted pace times (yeah right), the latter I know will go out of the window towards the end but can be a good guide to my now official support team, Gemma and Sam.

After my meeting at Profeet last Wednesday Gemma knocked me into shape with her very obvious expert planning skills which has made me up my game so to speak. Along with that talk and my visit to Birmingham the day after I am now highly motivated, a bloody nuisance that it came just before I knocked my foot, tomorrow is another day.

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