Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ordinary People...

doing extraordinary things.

Wednesday evening saw a crowd of London based runners from the Long Distance community meet up in a running shop called Profeet who hold talks and lectures on interesting subjects in sport. Wednesday night was about The Spine in which competitors have 7 days to complete 268 miles of the entire Pennine Way from Edale to Scotland.

Duncan and I stood outside munching a cold sausage roll looking into the shop thinking it was still open for customers and he pointed out a lady looking at some running shoes mentioning that she was so obviously a runner by her physique, of course she was for that was Clare the first lady in the 2011 GUCR with some ridiculously fast time. We entered the shop and mingled with the other attendees, "Oh that is James, he ran across America" or "That is Allan, he ran 45 miles with a broken leg" were heard possibly to Duncan's amazement. In the cold light of day this does sound strange and on the edges of sanity to the uninitiated  but quite "normal" to the practised ultrarunner or endurance sports person.

The talk started with Gary and Allan telling us about race prep for such an ordeal, tales of injuries, friendship, cold, hunger and elation having to travel such a vast distance in winter conditions. The talk was sobering stuff with cautious tales of possible death by falling off ledges, sink holes  or hypothermia all scary stuff but totally awe enthralling.

After the talk it was time to go to the pub and catch up over a few ciders and meet new people. The picture above shows a fun picture of a lady who got frostbite during the Arrowhead race in America caused by the pressure caused by holding her poles. A morbid fascination took hold to hear about how it happened and realised that this lady was an amazing character, an eco-warrior and whom I passed in a 50km event when she decided that dragging a tyre behind her was a totally normal thing but when you heard that she was training for the North Pole marathon it did seem reasonable....or not!

So hearing these stories I have decided that running 147 miles at the GUCR is totally normal, isn't it?

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  1. Wish I could have made it, sounds like it was a great evening! P.S Yes, running the GUCR is totally normal, and it's on my bucket list