Sunday, 2 February 2014

Two loons go for a run

The aches and pains slowly disappearing in my lower back and quads saw me knock unannounced at Duncan's house this afternoon with the intention of seeing his recent procurement of a wheelchair to be pimped up and made into a Rugby chair, the other to see if he wanted a run later on in the afternoon.

I have to admit, I have put on some weight in recent weeks and the lack of running has not helped along with a rubbish diet and the unwanted injuries so today was just about the run.

Both Duncan and I have had bad patches recently both fighting the Black Dog in different ways but both have emerged from our dark phases roughly at the same time and today it seemed to be Duncan doing all the chatting whilst I happily listened to his tales of Australian artists and wheelchair designs.

As is well documented in any British trail runner's blog at present the mud in high and the recent storms making heavy going, Duncan in his famous Monkey Feet and I in my Mizuno Evo Ferus were soon seen on trudging out the miles, laughing and screaming like two demented loons as we skittered and slipped down sodden hills almost on the point of out of control.

Running along the trails we just ran through the middle of the mud stacks as it was just too treacherous to go around. By the end of the run I had mud on my face, in my shirt, IN my shorts and you could not see the skin for mud on my legs.

Time to get the distances up and get some solid runs in but for now I will carry on smiling about today's run.

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