Monday, 31 March 2014

Back to the road

I think that over the past week my ever patient friends and family were getting a bit bored with my continual updates about my toe, my metatarsal or general foot health. I chose to keep it down for a little while concentrating on ice therapy and keeping it protected by wearing my Merralls. Most important there was NO RUNNING.

Well I say no running....until the weekend when I ran the Buttons for Brathay Bells and Whistles race in Dover, Kent. This race promised to be a low key event comprising 16 laps of the seafront and pier, a tall order due to the flatness of the course and one that is very hard not to race.

I arrived with George at the appointed hour and after a very efficient registration  we were called to the start for a race briefing and sent on our way, not much to say about the course as we went backwards and forwards smiling and cheering each other as we passed. I was on fire and was running at pace such that if I had continued would have easily done a sub 4 hour marathon but at the halfway mark at 1:48 hours and very aware of the possibility of another marathon the next day I pulled right off the gas and took it very gently adding a minute to each mile so as not to push myself.

I soon discovered that the laps were not quite as expected and passed the 26.2 mile mark at 4.23 hours, not my fastest marathon but happy with a consistent run as I completed the 27.2 miles in just over 4.34 hours.

Finishing the race, I realised not all was well in the foot department so put some ice on it and rested it that night.

At 6.06am the next day I jumped from my bed, felt my foot hurting such that I made an almost instant decision not to run the second marathon and returned to my bed a little disappointed but not as disappointed as if I had to drop out of the GUCR due to a damaged beyond compare foot.


  1. All in all I think this is good and full recovery won't be that long now. Nice run!

  2. Was great to see you Jerry :) Hope that foot's back to normal soon x