Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Lazarushian Moment

The announcement on Sunday mentioned "...Snap, Crackle, Pop..." the noise of one of the UK's favourite breakfast cereals, the pain excruciating and there were thoughts of no more running.

Sunday evening saw me limping around the house, packets of ice surrounding my foot in an elastic bandage, hot baths to get the blood flowing and then more ice, by late evening a bruise began to appear.

Monday morning arrived and now a brown bruise had spread across the top of my foot from metatarsal 3 to 5, compression socks added, a pair of sandals and my trusty right crutch used all day, foot raised during the day in the office, that night, again ice pack treatment.

Then today I awoke to discover that the foot was still swollen slightly but today I attacked it with a hot water bottle, sitting in my home office with my foot resting on it. Chores completed whilst wearing my Merralls and foot raised all this evening (no running club of course).

Now not wishing to raise my hopes too high I think I maybe OK for the weekend's runs, let's hope so.


  1. That is frustrating to say the least. Hoping for quick recovery!

  2. I know, it is frustrating, I hope you get well soon and you can run this week end.