Saturday, 8 March 2014

New Shoes

One of my pet hates on social media are the same old questions about the same old shoes. 

This may be an unpopular post for some but I do find that some runners get sucked into the advertising and see what looks like a really good shoe, bright, shiny, the nicest curve to the outer and then you see questions like this:

"...What do you think of the new Hokas..."
"...should I get the Altras..."
"...Mudclaw, gotta be Mudclaw..."

These "helpful" message splattered liberally by a runner fan and people buy them, all on the recommendation of an anonymous online user. I have no problem with people getting ideas and trying them out but I am of the adage of:

"Let the foot choose the shoe, not the shoe choosing the foot"

This really means that every shoe should be tried on and even if the latest "trendy" shoe was publicised by a Friend on Facebook only buy it when you know your foot shape and size really do work with the shoe. Just remember that for every 100 runners, there are 100 unique feet with unique gaits, weights and posture. I have seen horrific foot injuries caused by ill fitting shoes that have been untested ( I retract this when infection and injury take hold) but I do get worried when it was avoidable.

So today, after a gargantuan search from all ends of the internet I discovered and purchased what may possibly be the last pair of UK size 9.5, Kanadia TR4 male running shoes in the most disgusting green colour but at least these shoes fit be in all the right places and can get me 100 miles without blisters, let us hope these will give me good service that my previous pair have.  

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