Sunday, 23 March 2014

Snap, Crackle and Pop

That, Dear Reader, was the noise my 5th metatarsal made this morning whilst running with a group of club members who were doing a reconnaissance of the London Marathon route. 

The plan was to run about 20 miles today, some would say too far the week before a double marathon but I was assured that the pace was to be very slow as there were some first timers in the group so I was happy to tag long to get some distance in with a speed comparable to ultramarathon pace.

The run was  going without problems, the weather pleasant and the conversation light as we navigated the bumpy and lumpy pavements of south London, in part I was preferring to run on the road as ironically I thought it safer than the said pavements. At about 11 miles I ducked into a petrol station due to a call to nature and told the others I would catch them up. So running after them along the road I quickly caught them up and was within 20 metres of them when I stepped up onto the pavement and by pure bad timing right onto a broken kerb stone which had its corner jutting up into the air. My toe hit the kerb forcing my little toe down and then with my momentum it was forced to the side and I felt a snap, crackle  and a POP stopping immediately whilst shouting "OUCH" very loudly.

As I have a habit of, I continued to run with the others but found my gait had changed to me preferring to run on my big toe (or 1st metatarsal) which did not bode well as I knew this could cause issues later on this week so at about 13 miles I bid my farewells to the other runners and hobbled off to London Bridge Station for a 10 minute journey to the nearest station to my car.


Later that day I visited the hospital and was told that I probably have got a small break and then again I may not. I may have a stress fracture and maybe I don't, I may also have damaged the tendons but then again they are not sure as "We don't treat or diagnose metatarsal injuries unless it is metatarsal 1" 

Told to rest, not wear my Monkey Feet and if I am in the need to run, strap it up and go carefully.

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  1. Sorry to see this! I've had a few broken toes and in general I didn't miss much running but it still interfered quite a bit with my plans. All the best!