Monday, 17 March 2014

True Monkey Running in London

After my post on Saturday about my lack of motivation I looked out of my computer laboratory classroom later that day and basically said "Sod it, I am running" and so saying goodbye to my students I went to change into my kit.

Scuttling out into the hall, barefoot with Monkey Feet in my hands, I had planned to find a bench to sit at to put them on but t appeared all areas were taken up by students taking in the sunshine so I decided there and then to run, go for it as the weather was glorious, the pavement dry and I was looking forward to the chance of just running in bare feet for the sheer hell of it.

Today I had chosen to wear my union flag shorts out of necessity as my more conservative black pair were in the wash, this show of patriotism was met with smiles from the plethora of tourists on the streets of Soho and Covent Garden but it I soon saw a few point at me as they noticed my bare feet.

By the time I reached the South Bank I have to admit my feet were feeling a little sore but I was ecstatic to feel that I had just done what I had done but enough was enough when I put on my trusty Monkey Feet at the second mile to run the last 16 miles, have I told you that I love my Monkey Feet.


  1. I couldn't ever run barefoot! About patriotism, last saturday Rome was full of white shirts with the red cross for the rugby match. I was at the olympic stadium and it was great when they sang "Swing low sweet chariot".

  2. Great stuff jerry! Fly the flag, or at least run the flag!!!! and yes, I think you have mentioned on the odd occasions the affection you have for your monkey feet!