Thursday, 24 April 2014

...and towards the GUCR
As I looked at dropping from the TP100 my final push was seeing a request for assistance from the XNRG who were looking for a Sweeper on 3-4 May 2014.

This race is a two event with runners and walkers covering 30 miles a day on each day. A previous message between (Coach) Gemma was:

"Good Morning Coach, I hope you are well and uninjured. I have decided not to attempt any part of the TP100 as the temptation to push myself is too prevalent. I have however put my services forward to run as Sweeper at the Pony Express on the same weekend to do a sedate 30 miles, would this be acceptable?"

"Absolutely. A leisurely paced run with occasional walk breaks won't tax you. As long as you rest a day or two before and recover well after absolutely fine. After that, it's all slowly tapering to GUCR. Well done on making an excellent decision regarding TP[100]. You have shown how much GUCR means to you."

So with this endorsement I was happy to drop out after first getting the confirmed response from Neil of XNRG.

To me this is perfect timing for me and mutually beneficial to both parties, I have also got it fully endorsed by the Delightful Mrs S who is really pleased as my daughter goes to University near the race and can have a day out together....WIN WIN

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