Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Catch Up

The blogs have been a bit few and far of late but it doesn't mean I haven't been out on the trail and roads doing what I like best...running.

The toe and foot are healing up nicely such that in the last 3 weeks I have run 2 full marathons and a nice hilly 20 mile trail run yesterday

Yesterday's 20 mile run was out of this world as I have been too long away from my beloved Vanguard and North Downs Ways. After a lovely day out with my family it was agreed that the Delightful Mrs S turf me out of the car around the Edenbridge area so that I could duck over a few fences and fields to the Vanguard Way and then travel North towards home. I was well organised but was taken aback by the weather which was a little hotter than expected but had taken into consideration places where I could grab water from taps along the way.

So perfect was my run that I saw nobody absolutely nobody for the first hour, a nod to a lone dog walker and then another hour of nobody until I stepped over the motorway and towards the outskirts of suburbia. As there was no pressure for time I took my time practising my long distance "ultra shuffle" so commented by people that gets me places and then power walked the escarpment pacing out towards home.

Whilst the weekday miles maybe dropping off I am really pleased with my volume of long runs and my consistency of recovery.

Things are looking up at last.

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