Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dirty Girls

After what is best described as one of my most rubbish runs in a few months today I stumbled off to my house after waving goodbye to Duncan, the only saving grace of the whole fiasco, who had patiently listened to me huffing and puffing around the local woods.

One moment stands out in my head of the run was when the two of us took a side path and skipped up it expecting to come out in a certain part but then found we were in a different part and going the opposite way than we expected and literally HURLED ourselves down the hill, skipping over roots, bouncing off sides of the grooved path, bounding over and cresting the surging path....exhilarating.

We departed at Hangman's Corner, the best place for rubbish runs.

This evening was part two of my shoe maintenance and this time it was to fix my Dirty Girl gaiters to my Kanadias in preparation for my sweeping duties at the Pony Express next week and the GUCR next month...I think they look AWESOME 

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