Saturday, 26 April 2014

Monkey Toes and Monkey Fingers.

My Monkey Feet were due their overdue inspection the other night and I discovered that the middle toe of the right foot had developed an alarmingly large hole, well it was about 3 mm across, caused by the protective sole of the ring toe rubbing the fabric.

Tonight I was at a loose end having decided not to run as I am mentally exhausted at the moment (Black Dog?) such that I had a two hour deep sleep on the sofa awakening refreshed and jaded so I decided repair my Monkey Feet using some tape (to hold the ring toe back), some supaglue and a match as an applicator.

Whilst in the front room alone I went about the repair job with speed and dexterity, or so I thought, when I stepped back from my handy work to discover my thumb was well and truly stuck to my Monkey Foot's middle toe!

The thumb has now been extracted from its problem but now my Monkey Feet are ready for their next milestone.


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