Thursday, 10 April 2014

nohtaraM ehT

A lot has happened since my last blog but things are looking better when we talk of foot injuries and my (secret) worries about TP100 and the GUCR. 

On Sunday I went for a short recovery run in my Monkey Feet, just a few miles, but on my return iced my toe and revelled in the fact that it felt great and training was back on track such that I ran 12 miles yesterday and 7 this evening.

Thursday sees me do a short track run and then on Saturday night.........................

nohtaraM ehT

I am VERY excited about this when a crowd of the ultra running community will meet at The Houses of Parliament, London at an allotted time to run the reverse route of the London Marathon to Greenwich self supported. A wonderful subversive, maverick group of people running the night for the sheer fun of it, I am so happy to be part of it.

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  1. Great news about your toe! Wow, I would love to be part of a run like that. Enjoy!