Saturday, 5 April 2014

Not the best idea

After running just over 3 miles to the track last night I had plan to do another 5 miles on it, however halfway through my second mile I felt my toe nagging me that it was uncomfortable and hurting a little...I stopped.

So today, with toe taped, I walked around the office bare foot much to the amusement of a few colleagues but it felt great such that I thought I would have a go with my Monkey Feet even if it was to just try them on.

This was probably the silliest thing I have done for a little while for whilst I pushed my little pinky into it toe cover and then put weight on my foot the pain was excruciating, every crease finding the right nerve end to pinch.

Needless to say they were thrown back in the corner and I am left irritated that this injury is going to take a little longer than I want.


  1. The injury will heal very soon. Take care

  2. Patience my friend! It will pass soon.