Sunday, 4 May 2014

Friday Night Run - Monkeys and Deer

It transpires a few of my running club mates are training for a 24 hour relay race and have some amazing plans put together as their approach. This weekend a few of them were trying to simulate the conditions of the race by do 4 x 5 mile runs including a night run, this is where I step in.

So at 7.57 pm I swept in to the car park and was met by Tricia, Samantha and Vince waiting patiently for me and then commented on the fact that I had possibly gone over her run brief when I told them it was 6.6 miles but I hoped the extra mile would show them some nicer views of the area.

It was until 10 minutes beforehand that I chose to change to my Monkey Feet and stepping onto the road towards the open trail I was happy I had made the choice as the ground was firm but sufficiently damp to give it some give. The evening was still light but it was good to get the others used to the idea of going from night to day with us chatting about race plans, calling out hazards.

Laughs were soon joined with curses and screams when my planned route met a disused railway line which was mainly quagmire for the first 100 yards and then the serious part that I had laid out in my plan to jump and duck the very root ridden path and soon had us calling hazards out...perfect.

Later on as the night took hold we were running through a copse when there was sudden movement up ahead from left to right and then a rush from the right when two roe deer ran to haven...a wonderful sight. In fact the whole run was nice with nocturnes awakening and their opposite running to ground.

Only bad bit was whilst running through a rape field and my (bad) little toe getting hooked in a rape stem and yanking it, the next sentence I shouted was just a string of swear words from A to Z. Worrying times as I was supposed to be running 50 km the next day.

Run over, BIG grins on the faces of Vince, Sam and Tricia I believe they had a great time, next time we will need to do it totally in the dark.

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