Sunday, 11 May 2014

Monkey tattoos

The world of barefoot running never ceases to amaze me with different things that happen whilst running, yes there are injuries and I have seen quite a few of those this year, also improvements in my running strength....but not tattoos!

I was out doing a very gentle 10 mile run today, my last in Monkey Feet until after the GUCR in two weeks having a lovely time having planned it around the weekend's squalls thinking which kit I was taking to return home very comfortable. Taking my shoes off there was the usual detritus one finds on ones feet after a trail run but today it was completely different for the soles were as black as night.

No amount of scrubbing and scraping can get it all off so now I have a beautiful set of grimy feet that will imagine stay like that for another few days.

Today's run was pretty clean overall and can only assume I picked something up during my night run last Friday running through a farm yard...who knows?

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