Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pins and needles

Feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment finding the transitional recovery for my 32/7 back to back has been extremely successful with a nice gentle 5 mile run on Tuesday then a 5 mile night run on Friday.

The level of recovery shows that the fitness is there and now it just means tapering gently for the next two weeks.

Right, that is the good news the more worrying problem I had was on Sunday and Monday post Pony Express. Whilst relaxing in front of the television on the Sunday evening barefoot I felt a strange sensation in my right foot starting in the heel and then working its way around the edges of feet to the ball. At first I thought it was sharp grit or bits of glass in the carpet and having hoovered the area found it appear again in both feet...nasty pins and needles. Visions that the tough terrain of the New Forest had played havoc on my feet or they were not washed properly such was the unusual sensation I scrubbed them in the bath which actually improved them...but it was still there be it in a lesser amount.

By Tuesday it was gone and on hindsight looking at my feet they were ever so slightly puffy. So was the inflammation the cause, I think so...Is it something to worry about, I think not. I think the variable terrain, the high mileage (in the heat)  had irritated by feet a little and they were just telling me to watch it.

It is good to listen to the body once in a while.

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