Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sorites Paradox

...and just like sorites paradox my GUCR pile of running kit and associated items of importance stack up. It started with a few carb gels, then a Buff, a pair of socks....
....then it seemed to grow such that one day it was a heap, one that is still growing by the day but this time The Delightful Mrs S has finally decided the 1700 year old thought experiment.*....
"It is a heap when I say so..."

* Sorites Paradox

Sorites paradoxes are a class of paradoxical arguments also known as little-by-little arguments. The name "sorites" derives from the Greek word soros, meaning "pile" or "heap." Sorites paradoxes are exemplified by the problem that a single grain of wheat does not comprise a heap, nor do two grains of wheat, three grains of wheat, etc. However, at some point, the collection of grains becomes large enough to be called a heap, but there is apparently no definite point where this occurs.

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