Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The GUCR preparation continues

My last run for the GUCR was a very gently paced run at a secret location in Kent. I had said I wouldn't wear my Monkey Feet again until after next weekend but the weather was perfect and the ground dry.

Back at home the running kit has had to be moved to another location whilst we have family over but I will be back on it on Wednesday and Thursday. The Crew in the form of Gemma and Sam have been in contact with loads of questions and I have been given the responsibility of compiling some notes about kit requirements, food, drink, pacing, goals and much more. Sent so far tonight
  1. 5 x maps of course
  2. 3 x official race Notes to Crew
  3. 1 x personal notes to crew
  4. 1 x Spreadsheet containing details of all checkpoints and subsidiary points
I am sure more questions will arise but:
  1. The train is booked
  2. The hotel booked (be it another person's name)
  3. Notes of meeting of crew, where and when
  4. Shopping list made
  5. Crew t-shirts ordered and awaiting pick up in Birmingham
All that is needed now is a fantastic weekend which I know it will be but as my cat, Coach Maisy says (That is her in the picture above):

"A good athlete should always keep an eye on the weather forecast especially when approaching the BIG race but remember there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."

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