Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Beware of Poo-Flinging Monkeys

Training is back on the cards with 3 runs in the last 7 days to primarily see whether my legs and feet were recovered enough to carry on with a few long runs. The runs have not been long ones but Sunday just gone was a lovely one.


Meeting Duncan at about 8.30 am the two of us high-tailed it to Shoreham, Kent for a woodland trail run in our Monkey Feet. On the slopes of the valley this area is very tough, whilst not too technical, it does have it challenges from heavily rutted paths, muddy sections and chalky ascents that have your lungs burning. The temperature was about 21 C, which for few of my Equatorial readers is cold but us Brits like the Devil's Kitchen warming up to make scrambled eggs.

This run was about route planning for a future 10km race which I have been given the mysterious job title of "Course Consultant" and Duncan as a sub-contractor for his insight and amazing "second eyes".

So Sunday was 2 pairs of Monkey Feet, 1 pack of yapping terriers, 1 jumping stag, 2 beautiful views , 1 lovely lady rider and a bundle of laughs.


This was Club Night and still being careful I jumped in with  an easier group with the promise of a trail run in the woods and local nature reserve, a set piece route but nonetheless a  welcome one.

In my Monkey Feet I was finding certain sections quite hard as the Council has this habit of filling woodland trail holes with sub-base 1 which fine for the road is tough in minimalist shoes when not compressed. So with a few grumbles I padded over some sections and took on the hills knowing the fitness wouldn't return if I shied away.

The last mile arrived and we came to the lower section of the woods which as always remained waterlogged and muddy. The newer runners erring to the dry, rooted path, I to the centre of the track with mud flying left, right and centre... I loved it.

At Home

I was banished to the bathroom, it appears that the last trail was not only mud:

Some Monkey had been flinging Poo

I stank

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