Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Drunken Monkey

The annual ritual of the Summer Solstice is celebrated by both of my running clubs, one with a 13 mile (21km) run on the North Downs, the other a gentle 5 mile run with two beer stops and a garden party. Due to domestic pressures I had to choose the latter as time was tight such that I could not get to the start on time to meet my old training partners George and Michael for a much missed catch up.

So ducking out of the door at 7.32pm I ran out to the club via the local woods with Rob who I had collected on the way. At the club we were split into various groups and sent on our way; tonight it was humid and the sweat soon ran off me but in the distance my first can of John Smith's awaited me, soon to be consumed amongst the 150 strong pack equally sharing a can or partaking in a soft drink. The whistle blown we regrouped to our respective packs and ran off with the promise of more about 2 miles up the road. I laugh now as I did then but I was asked to run the pack through the woods to the next beer stop but I know for sure I lost quite a few as I darted off to the next can of bitter which was taken at speed due to time constraints.

By now, the lack of food and two cans of bitter were working their wonders as I finished the delightfully chatty run at Mike's house for the annual awards ceremony where red and white wine, Pimms and the remainders of the beer flowed such that by 10.30pm I was feeling pretty well mullered for a Tuesday evening.

What to do whilst drunk

Do as I do and run 3 miles home cross least this year I took the easy route and didn't get lost in the woods! Running with quite a few drinks in the belly is best described as "Interesting" but the run in my Monkey Feet felt comfortable and found my mind drifting matters internal.

Matters aside, I was really interested to hear a view point from another runner tonight about me which was " I never see you without a head torch wrapped around your hand Jerry" It is pretty much true, I do.

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