Monday, 30 June 2014

Manic Monkey

For the first time in a very, very long time my underlying mood has lifted beyond all recognition, I am mischievous, joking and laughing naturally at jokes, life and feeling generally well.The pessimist in me knows that it can not last long but the optimist asking me to enjoy it while I can and for as long as I can.

Today I had a load of marking to do with a deadline something that normally bothers me but I was fine, it had to be done. I also had planned a run in Shoreham, Kent to confirm a 10km route I had devised for a race in September and in the mood I was it was unbearable so halfway through my work I ducked out of the door with my Monkey Feet in my hand, some shorts and a t-shirt, even my Garmin GPS was having an airing to do some measuring and I was off with full permission of the Delightful Mrs S who was pleased to see me leave.

Arriving at Shoreham I leapt into the woods and bounced along the trails looking out for the local wildlife as is a regular sight to see Roe deer bouncing around the trees but my primary task was to visualise kilometre markers, marshalling points and taping requirements. I was in a world of races and running. I do love this mood, just going for it, leaping mud puddles, cavorting down grassed hills to a woodland trail, hauling my fat arse up a particularly difficult hill, viewing a hillside over the valley bedecked in poppies, cows staring suspiciously as I passed.

Today I loved my running, today I ran about a mile totally barefoot on pavement, today I dodged raindrops and managed to obtain version 1 of a 10km race.  

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