Monday, 16 June 2014

Monkey Whisperer

As a lot of my Dear Readers will know my wife, the Delightful Mrs S, is not the greatest lover of my running expeditions. She is often heard moaning at me for mentioning my escapades, the stories of some of my fellow long distance runners or the fact my latest niggle is giving me some jip. This, I am afraid, is what goes with the territory of my beloved sport and one has to tread carefully both on the trail and around the Delightful Mrs S.

Let us look at the few days following the GUCR 2014, my feet still sore with a couple of blood blisters on the soles, 3 blackened nails and a small split in the sole, they were not pretty. Add to this a swollen knee and general lethargy that I come to expect but can deal with. Mrs S, whilst kind, took no real notice and let me get on with it, crutches and all, secretly I am grateful of this.

The telephone call

On Saturday the telephone rang and I picked it up
"Oh hi Jerry, Clare here, how are you?" [Clare is Mrs S's best friend]
"OK thanks, I am....." I was interrupted politely
"How are your feet, I was told you had really painful soles after you big race and your knee was swollen...."
"They are fine..." I was interrupted again.
"I was told you were on crutches, why do you do this to yourself?"
I got a word in edge ways.
"Mrs S must have been speaking to you about me, tell me more"
"Well she did mention something about your nails..."
 "Did she?"
A third voice entered the conversation coming from the sofa
"What else did she say....?"
"She said that you hurt your........."
Handing over the phone to the Delightfully Exasperated Mrs S she strode off saying in a rather theatrical whisper "What did you say I said?........" 

It did make me smile to think that after all these years of stonewalling my running she secretly chats about it to her friend.

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  1. Haha, I love this! My wife is sometimes the same. She supports me 100% but also let me know I should rather stick to 10k runs and stay off the mountains. Then I will hear how she bragged about my trail ultra at work. Love her to bits for it!