Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

...or why I hate running technology.

Don't get me wrong Dear Reader, I am a lover of technology, the freedom it provides and the perceived improvements to our lives but I only believe it has a place when it doesn't cause more problems than it was supposed to prevent in the first place.

Take my recent attempt on the Grand Union Canal Race, Gemma, Sam and I agreed that we should use the "Find a Friend" app on the ubiquitous iPhone everyone seems to have these days that would allow them to track me on my journey and at first worked brilliantly as they popped up at agreed locations at the right time with time to spare. The only problem is battery life and I seemed to be chewing through it such that we agreed to switch them off and then on again at agreed times to get a signal. It seemed to work, even if the support team had to run out to late night shopping emporiums to purchase chargers!

Tonight I was scanning through my iPhone when I noticed a VERY long video which was 12 minutes long! I have reduced this to just 48 seconds and loaded it to youTube to show its exciting content.... the rear view of my run, viewed through the netted containment of my race vest. This video no doubt chewing up my battery life but at the same time showing my ever consistent pace during the first 10 hours


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