Sunday, 27 July 2014

Another DNF

Reports like this can always be a venting for despair, feelings of failure and the "Why oh whys?" 

Today I have no excuses apart from that I had a terrible event and I knew it from the beginning as  I traipsed out in 30 C degree heat on a 100km self-navigating trail run at noon having previously had a bout of stomach cramps.

Let me take you back 3 hours into the morning of Saturday; after dropping my daughter off at her workplace I ventured home, grabbed my backpack and dry kit to take a 45 minute drive to Tonbridge Wells but as the journey started I began to realise that the traffic was heavier than normal for a Saturday and then reports of 2 accidents on the motorway so I diverted off to go an alternative "country lane" drive to then get stuck in more traffic about 3 miles from the start. By now the temperature was in the high 20's and I was sweating profusely and slowly getting more and more fed up as I had now missed my 11.00am start time with a window of 60 minutes to get going.

Hot and flustered I finally found the start, signed my waiver and ran out. Due to my mood and now very hot body I decided that before I started that I would drop down to the lesser distance (now 42km) and just enjoy the day with little or no pressure. Along with my normal safety kit I added an extra 750ml of water and because of my decision to drop down the miles my MONKEY FEET.

The ground beneath me was great, the instructions intricate and therefore not really designed for runners and I have learnt the hard way never to follow the well trodden paths as a lot of people go wrong and you too get lost proved when a runner passed me 3 times in the first few miles and he started earlier than me!

Crossing open fields I was really suffering in the heat and was just generally unhappy as I was just not dealing with the weather at all so arriving at the first checkpoint announced that I was quitting knowing that I would become ill if I continued.

This later proved to be the right decisions with reports of people dropping down a distance, other runners DNF'ing after nearly blacking out...I believe thas was not a challenge for runners that day as their body temperatures would have become dangerously high. Fair play to anyone that got through this event with such minimal support...just not for me, no excuses.

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  1. Wise decision indeed. Get out early and race another day.