Friday, 4 July 2014

Ninja Monkey

Mad, hectic day on Thursday with an early start to the office armed only my trusty OMM backpack containing my laptop and a stuff sack containing a a running shirt, shorts with my Monkey Feet strapped to the outside.

A full on day at work, a visit to the hospital to visit my father and then a ssllloooowwwww train journey to my home station leaving me just 13 minutes to get to the track which would have been a 30 minute walk but at 27C I decided to take a rare ride in a taxi to the track. 

at the track I quickly changed and had planned to plod out about 4-5 miles at a gentle pace that I normally do on track nights, such that a few of the other runners see me as a "slow" runner and often comment on it.

Tonight the speedsters were going to do 8 x 200 metres but I was asked to "make the numbers up" to make 5 teams of 3 which I didn't really want to do and have a feeling that as I had plodded out a slow 8 minute mile was chosen as the  "Slow" guy in a team of three that had a Fast, medium and slow pace runner in each. 

I was the third runner in my relay team and when the baton was passed to me I zoomed off after the guy in front of me, one of the faster guys, and overtook him at pace and beating him by about 10 metres....his language quite ripe when he told me he was shocked at my turn of speed. This was mentioned a few times but my answer was "Yes, I can run fast, I just choose not to"

Nice feeling sometimes to turn someones perceptions on their head

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