Saturday, 12 July 2014

Running distances put into perspective

I was described today as "Obsessed" by my good running friend Bhundu when we were discussing some of my sometimes perceived weird ideas and adventures. This was all taken in good heart as it was given, this while I mentioned that I had missed the all important "Running around half the Earth's equator since I started". 

His family laughed wholeheartedly when I mentioned that on Friday evening, whilst I was nursing a cold glass of cider, that I had calculated the number of times I had run around the Equator of all the planets in the Solar System in an Excel workbook and included data bars to visually show the different sizes of the planets justly proving how intricate I can be.

I was really pleased to note that I have in fact run around Mercury and was well onto reaching 1.5 equators very soon, next target is the Red Planet, Mars and now just over half way for Venus and Earth. As for the Gas Giants, I have no hope on Earth (see what I did there) to get around them.....but just a bit of fun that I am about to do my second circumnavigation of the Moon having run 1.90 times around it.

Those figures just how small we really are.

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