Saturday, 2 August 2014

Barefoot Running Experiment

Thursday evening is my usual run at the track but this week I wanted to do an experimental one with no Monkey Feet or shoes but longer than my usual 1 mile.

What I often wonder is how exactly my foot strikes the ground when in bare feet or in my Vibrams so decided to place four strips on each sole; 
  1. Two parallel strips across the balls of the foot
  2.  One strip along the outer edge of the sole
  3. One short strip hold the back part of #2 to the heel
Leaving the speed trainers to their warm up I went on a 5km run around the track in my taped feet to see how the wear developed to show how my feet landed. Now this was just a unscientific experiment but I was surprised by the wear on the tape, the inner ball of the foot taking the brunt of the impact followed by long and middle toe, the main weight bearing metatarsals but looking at the long tape the strike patter only covers the forward section.

As for the heel, yes they are being struck as I would expect but not as a heel strike but as a flat placement or "scuff"

I am feeling pretty pleased with the run being the furthest I have run with no shoes, a total of 5km, but note there is a slight pain in an old injury site showing that Monkey Feet (VFF's) do protect you somewhat even if we think they don't.

1 comment:

  1. What an intriguing idea for an experiment! I can relate as I love to occasionally take off my shoes altogether and run a few km around the local track. I have always wondered exactly how the impact reaches my feet (and, of course, how they manage...).

    I love the term 'monkey feet', by the way, although I am sadly reminded again of the strangeness of the strange super-wide form of my feet that keeps me from buying five fingers. I wish they would offer them custom-tailored!