Friday, 29 August 2014

Monkey Speed Training

This is a story of two halves, one of age and the other of youth.

Yesterday I was toying with the idea of going to the track as I usually do on a Thursday but this time actually engage in the Speed Work Session. These guys normally grunt around the track with creased up faces and chatting of 5km or 10km PBs. I mostly go there for marathon pace training and enjoy the banter.

Prickled into a new training plan I could have easily have sat back on the sofa and found a good reason not to go but this time I couldn't as peer pressure was upon me like a Monkey on my Back in the form of Duncan who had poked his head up over the parapet of family life and said he would give me a lift. So jumping into his car I was pleased to spot that he had brought along his young lad,Ché, who on a normal Sunday visit to Duncan's is frolicking around the house with his brothers full of the joys of Spring fuelled by a belly full of freshly baked banana cake. Tonight it was different as he sat back in his seat, an erudite air about him as he read a book as quiet as a mouse. Ché can best be described by his doting father as a book reading cricket fan.

So to the track, I told the Coach that I was up for the Speed Training but after retrieving his jaw from the track and with an enormous grin on his face told me it was probably a little too much for the particular session but was packed off to do 3 x 1600 metres. The grin turned to frustration when he said "At your 5km pace Jerry", a blank expression passed over my face "But I haven't run a 5km race in 6 years!", the same response was he suggest "A bit faster than your 10km wait for it you're going to tell me you haven't raced a 10km....oh go on just run them as fast as you can"

I was happy with that and so leaving the speedsters behind, Duncan, Ché and I ran off, the former chatting happily on the out track and I wheezing and grunting around the track at my pace. I came back from my reps passing the other two ever so often, the both of them now in bare feet, I chose to do the same for a few laps joining them for a couple of laps to cool down.

At the end I was amazed to hear that Ché had run 5 miles with his Dad almost non stop and around 9 years old (My apologies as I never remember Duncan). So I have now named you a Book Reading Cricket Fan Runner but how long will it be until you are a Running Book Reading Cricket Fan
Monkey Runners

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