Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The tide has turned

Since May my weekly mileage has dropped to zero, first from recovery from the GUCR 2014, then a heat wave where the Brit in me refused to run and until now a secret, a foot injury after sweeping the North Downs Way 100 a few weeks ago.

Significantly, I have found that the recent increase in my anti-depressants prescription has taken the edge off my "need" to run which I regret enormously. The passion, the fire in my belly gone plus the increase in weight and thoughtless people feeling the need to comment on it continually has caused me to try and take back some control.

So what to do? Play along with the depression and alleviate the symptoms or sit back and hope my brain chemistry fixes itself? I have chosen the former and decided that I just need to go do it and take on a new challenge, a focus for the time being and be positive.

So in true Jerry fashion I have decided to run the Thames Meander Winter Marathon on 1/11/2014, just 10 weeks away. I have the muscles, the underlying fitness still(?) and a need so here goes..............wish me luck


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