Friday, 19 September 2014

Monkey Feet and Union Flag Shorts

My apologies for bringing up politics in my blog but today is a potentially a monumental day in the history of the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

Tonight was part of my personal campaign to get back into proper training and get quality miles mixed back into quantity but in some ironic way I discovered that I only had a pair of my beloved union flag shorts available as the Delightful Mrs S had decided to wash my training shorts for the third consecutive wash!

At the track tonight there was a lovely surprise when I discovered that there was a new running group making a guest appearance for the evening bedecked in very fancy kit with S.L.G.R written in orange against a black cloth, their group is called "So Let's Go Running" or Slogger for short. A rather passionate group of runners and a lovely bunch of people.

These guys had never been in proximity of my Union Flag shorts or Monkey Feet before but it was funny to hear the regular comments of:
  1. "Take longer strides"
  2. "How can you run so fast with such short strides"
  3. "What colour shorts will you be wearing tomorrow?" 
  4. "What happens when you step in dog shit?"
My answers:
  1. "Why, I am in front of you?"
  2. "High cadence equals barefoot equals no forefront foot strike."
  3. "I honestly don't know but I hope I do not have to change them."
  4. "Errrm, I stink of dog shit, what happens to you when you step in dog shit?"
Back to running.....base fitness off slightly, cardiovascular needs work but feeling good...just need to get the long runs in.


  1. I thought it was you last night but I couldn't remember your name. All of us from SLGR (or #TeamSLGR) had a great time (with the possible exception of Kat who had the achilies issue).


    1. Kat did brilliantly and sensibly took to a lighter pace. Good to meet you and hope you come along again.