Thursday, 9 October 2014

Monkey Storm

Rushing to the track tonight arriving about 10 minutes late I saw the others on the far curve doing their warm up drills and stretches. Paying my subs I was straight onto the track with the intention 5 * 1600 metres at a tempo pace with two breaks of 1 minute. 

Before the drills were over I took to the track and just felt great that I was out running again and I felt my pace was comfortable and I was consistent in my run. I was so lost in my own little world that I was unaware that it had started to rain until it came down hard to knock me out of my trance and then an amazing lightning strike close by and enormous thunder clap with the rain chucking down around me.

Thoughts flashed around my head about being in an open area hoping the lightning would hit the floodlights before us, a silly thought considering the storm was moving away from us.

Good run tonight, if a little lonely, but I am glad I was out there. 

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