Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Monkey Train

Probably the weirdest run to my running club in a long time was on Tuesday evening when I went by train.

Leaving late from work I was desperate to get out for a run but first job was to cook dinner for the Delightful Mrs S and then get myself to the club in time. 

There I was in the kitchen cutting chicken, onions and peppers at the same time darting in and out of the room to get shorts, shirt and my Monkey Feet. This with gathering sauces, wraps and fajita seasoning to have them made and warming in the oven for her to eat after a hard day.

My attention to detail somewhat taking my eye off the ball such that I realised that I was not going to get to the club in time so had a mad idea. Often as I run in the woods to the club I get overtaken by a train so I thought I may as well catch that train and get there earlier than normal. So grabbing my train pass I ran to the station leaping through the doors with a rather dramatic entrance and sat down all sweaty and Monkey Feet. I often smile inwardly when I sit on trains in my usual garb as I often get side way stares and double takes at my Monkey Feet knowing that people want to ask but the good old English reserve prevents them doing so.

So to the run... That run was just about the run, nothing more but just to get me back on my feet to try and push away the nagging feeling of the start of a depressive episode. The group was a tad boring for my liking and was not very motivational so I broke away early to find my way home through so back doubles, a moodily dark field with the distant presence of two horses and a shadow ridden woodland path with gnarled routes....perfect for my mood but afterwards had me thinking of my friend Duncan who went "Off Piste" recently and realised there was no one there to help him if he got into trouble [Blog here]

And so after, I felt much better knowing that a relatively short run for me was indeed successful, my cardio-vascular needs work and very little strength has been lost with the lull in my running.  

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