Thursday, 30 October 2014

Oh!....that is all she said

Ten weeks ago I realised I was totally demotivated and running held no interest to me so I contacted my good running pal Gemma who is a personal trainer by trade and a brilliant runner.

The conversation went thus:

Jerry  - "Motivate me"
Gemma  - "Piss off and go for a bloody run.."
Gemma  - "What's up? Lacking running mojo?"
Jerry  - "No, I am a big fat lard arse"
Gemma  - "Try marathon PB???? Good for winter. Speed feels awesome to work on..."
Jerry  -  "OK, sounds good, like it"
Gemma  - "Ha! Well that was simple!"

A plan was hatched and I entered one of the only marathons in the south east of England in November, The Thames Meander I just forgot to tell the Delightful Mrs S.....until this evening.

All she said was "Oh!"

Aaargh I hate when she say "Oh!"

So with limited training, no chance of a PB, a pair of Monkey Feet I will be running a marathon on Saturday

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  1. Funny old world. Reading URP daily news, followed the link to your blog, read the entry, went to your home page, saw latest post - I'm running the Thames Meander on Saturday too. See you there, good luck on the PB anyway ...

    Gary, London