Friday, 10 October 2014

The Delightful Mrs S Actually Growled

An evening of email conversation last week prompted me to start getting some kit together for next weekend's little jaunt.

"Jaunt?" I hear you shout Dear Reader, yes indeed is my answer for next week I will be helping out at the Winter 100 as a course marker. Some of you will remember that I ran this last year finishing the last 23 miles with a twisted ankle with minutes to spare, this time I am back again to help thankfully on the first spur on the Thames. I am thankful I do not have to mark the Ridgeway as I have a love/hate relationship with it having always got an injury on it (like last year).

So why did Mrs S growl?

Well you can already guess by this blog's picture it is my kit, for sitting there is:

  1. 2 x short tops
  2. 1 x long top
  3. Windproof
  4. Waterproofs
  5. Buffs
  6. Torches
  7. Gaiters
  8. and the one that made her growl....a camp bed
Yes, a camp bed as I will be marking late evening/night on the Friday night and will be camping in the church hall where the start is ready to help out for a bit in the day.

I am seriously looking forward to running/walking the 25 mile spur next week

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