Friday, 28 November 2014

Heel injury?

When I first started this blog I was proud to have the tag:

The trials and tribulations of a long distance runner living in deepest, darkest Kent.

 These days I feel there are more "Trials" than "Tribulations" on here but I promise things will get a little rosier soon. Today the Delightful Mrs S dropped me off on her way to work leaving me about a mile to walk to a station a further on my line, I cared not a jot, I was early and had plenty of time. I was about to cross the road and mistimed my crossing when a cyclist jumped off the pavement causing me to stumble slightly, no problems I thought until I stood up after my train journey.......OUCH.

I now have a very painful heel, well not exactly the heel but the section between my ankle bone and my heel on the outside. A real searing which is very tender such that I will have to wear sandals tomorrow!

So, in true runner's fashion, I denied it existed and went to the running track with the idea of getting in 30 minutes of gentle running. No, after about 600 metres I chose to give up and went to visit the Delightful Mrs S (Senior) a.k.a My Mum.

Running has to wait for a bit.

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